michael einersen


About the Artist

I have been painting for over 30 years, much of that time under the inspirational tutelage of Glenn Demnar. Until fairly recently, I was employed as a full time teacher, so painting by necessity was mainly an enjoyable pastime. My plays with paint would briefly adorn my walls, usually soon to be 'acquired' by friends and family. Although still loving the daily interaction with students, at the end of 2005 I decided to resign from my job of 24 years and pick up the brush full time.


Since then, I have had three one-person exhibitions and, since 2007, have concentrated on running adult art groups (see Classes) and developing an oil painting style to hopefully render a unique vision of the Australian landscape.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with the landscapes of Australia. While living in Karana Downs and now Bellbowrie in the far Western suburbs of Brisbane, I discovered the forestry trails of the Moggill Conservation Park and have continued exploring ways to capture its changing beauty in paint. Other areas in South-East Queensland have provided inspiration, particularly White Rock Conservation Park and Crows Nest Falls, Springbrook and Lamington National Parks.

About Painting

There are many different aims in the production of art, all of which are equally valid. To me, however, painting the landscape is simply an attempt to convey and share the beauty and light I find in places I love.

Although enjoying a variety of subject matter and mediums, I mainly concentrate on local landscapes in oil as I find continued inspiration and joy in the quest to capture their intangible essence with the sensuous glow that I feel only oil paint can provide.

I have recently started using Langridge oils and mediums as, apart from being Australian made and owned, they, in my opinion, provide unmatched brilliance, handling qualities and luminosity. My current technique includes a great deal of wet-on-wet application over underpainted colour fields; the use of Langridge colours and mediums allows for extensive working of the paint in this manner without the danger of muddiness or loss of brilliance.