michael einersen


Classes (or, more appropriately, 'Art Groups') and Workshops


“Michael provides encouraging individualised tuition within a small group setting. He caters for all levels of artistic ability from beginners to advanced students in a relaxed, fun-filled environment.” MW


The aim of the groups is to facilitate your development in 2 dimensional art in the medium/s (apart from watercolour), styles and subject matter of your preference. (Actually, the real aim is to have fun!)

What to expect

a) Your wishes

In my experience, most adult budding artists have a very good idea of the direction in which they wish to progress. I therefore see my role as assistant and advisor for you in the development of your own style/s and techniques. Apart from some initial exercises for less experienced artists, the sessions will cater to your individual wishes with my role being mainly to give advice and suggestions on technical and compositional aspects (which you are free to reject!) as you develop skills and ideas of your own. I also have many art references from which you can draw inspiration.

As such, the sessions won't begin with, “Today we are going to...” but, throughout the term, “What would you like to create and how can I assist?” You are therefore in charge of how much or little structure you wish for me to provide.

b) In-class Workshops and Demonstrations

I periodically present workshops and demonstrations during normal session hours allowing group members to experiment with different techniques and media. These are voluntary - you may wish to continue with your own work if the theme is of little interest. The workshop themes often arise from group suggestions and, if conceived by me, are always discussed with the groups prior to presentation.

c) 'Ambience'

Warning: The groups are held in my garage in Moggill, still used for its intended purpose (except during art groups sessions) but with paintings on the walls and bookcases predominantly filled with art books and references.

I find the group interaction is perhaps the most valuable aspect of the sessions. Put simply, we 'have a good time', talking art (or, perhaps more often, simply having a chat), enjoying a cuppa, snack or, especially when the 'flow' arises, creative silence.


Since beginning the art groups in 2007, we have organised 5 exhibitions (at the Circle Gallery, Brookfield Art Pavilion and Richard Randall Art Studio). As well as providing an opportunity to display your works, the exhibitions provide experience in the organisation of such events. Group members are involved in all aspects such as promotion, catering, gallery aesthetics and finances.  In recent years, the exhibitions have also raised funds for the wonderful work of the McIntyre Centre Riding for Disabled.  The art group has also assisted the Centre through the sale of calendars of works by the group members.

Thanks go to Barry Searle of The Local Bulletin for his continued support of the exhibitions.


Groups consist of no more than 7 students, ensuring individual attention and the promotion of interaction among members of the group.



There are no set fees as I feel the groups have much to offer for anyone interested, regardless of their financial situation; members can give whatever they are able to pay. For some people, this is daunting (“How much should I pay?”). If it's of any help, most participants pay around $25 - $30 per session, but I gratefully accept any amount.


You can initially use my materials but members have preferred to buy their own after a few weeks. Larger wet canvases or boards can be stored at the premises - nothing worse than trying to transport a large wet painting!

External Workshops

I have given a number of workshops and gallery demonstrations, predominantly on my own wet-on-wet and impasto techniques although I can certainly organise other themes.


Testimonials from art group members

“Michael's classes are relaxing and informative. We are exposed to different artistic methods but at the same time encouraged to follow our individual skills and strengths. Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge with us.” AJ

“Michael's enthusiasm for Art encourages each artist in his group to express their individual Art workstyle. His classes are informative, inspirational and all take place within a relaxed teaching environment.” AC

“During Michael's classes he provides interesting information and a demonstration which encourages us to try new techniques. He is very generous sharing his knowledge and shows great patience with each person regardless of their level of artistic ability.” RB

“The art group is great - lots of fun and very rewarding. Michael provides plenty of advice and encouragement for every subject and style chosen. The demos and workshops are always interesting and provide a good opportunity to experiment with different techniques.” JD

“Great two and a half hours, both artistically and socially, thanks Michael.” JR

“Michael creates a very warm and happy environment for classes and enables us to enjoy learning and improving our painting skills with his knowledge and teaching. Highly recommended.” RP

“To be able to learn and create in an environment that is supportive and nurturing is wonderful, and Michael's classes provide all that. His workshops are informative and challenging and he encourages each of us to realise our goals.” MD

“Michael has been an inspiration - his gentle critiques and warm encouragement enable us to tackle projects thought beyond current abilities. Working with others in such a positive atmosphere has provided a solid basis to learning and progress, not to mention much laughter! Weekly classes are joyously anticipated.” AT

“Michael's classes are holistic experiences that provide a high level of artistic education, a stimulating creative atmosphere and a relaxed social atmosphere which is conducive to sharing information and acquiring new skills. Each week is a new and amazing artistic experience where Michael generously imparts the secrets and detailed technical information to build a solid foundation for personal development. He is a skilful, experienced and sensitive art teacher who provides the perfect atmosphere for learning and individual expression. The workshop environment fosters a social environment where creative artists from a diverse range of backgrounds and with distinctly different learning needs are sensitively guided through basic and advanced techniques to realise their full talents. Each week Michael provides the requisite foundation for an enjoyable and satisfying artistic event. Thank you Michael for sharing your astounding teaching talents with each and every member of your class.” AP

“Michael provides encouraging individualised tuition within a small group setting. He caters for all levels of artistic ability from beginners to advanced students in a relaxed, fun-filled environment.” MW

“The best course I've ever done.” GL

“Thanks to Michael's gentle encouragement and generous sharing of his time and expertise, painting is pure pleasure and my work is saleable.” KV